Deepld Quest Multifunctional Electric Cooker, 40 cm:Deepld
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Quest Multifunctional Electric Cooker, 40 cm:Deepld

Quest Published in September 25, 2018, 9:00 am
 Quest Multifunctional Electric Cooker, 40 cm:Deepld

Quest Multifunctional Electric Cooker, 40 cm:Deepld

Price:£23.62+ Free shipping with Graffitilife Prime

Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 12 July 2017
Great for camping in caravans. Cooked breakfast for 10. No problem at all. Have ordered for friends now.
Lilian Reply to on 2 May 2017
This is amazing. Used frist time yesterday for three people. And we where able to do fry without stress. Amazing large enough to fit everything in. Love it best buy yet
Val From Liverpool :)
Val From Liverpool :) Reply to on 9 February 2018
Great item. I purchased this for my brother who has just moved and is waiting for a cooker. He is delighted with it. heats up quickly you can cook several things at once. It is the size of a large frying pan. great price, easy to clean and ideal for small spaces. has a thermostat so can not overheat.
Delivery was quick and it was free postage. happy cooking.
Terry Barrett
Terry Barrett Reply to on 28 July 2017
Bought two one for us one for friend. Have had a smaller one for some time. Have used the 40cm one to cook ba on and sausages for charity coffee mornings.
Julia Phillipson
Julia Phillipson Reply to on 5 October 2017
love it for making fry ups no oil needed
Simon Reply to on 7 August 2017
This is ideal for doing one pot cooking, it's cheap so not too sure how long it will last but all non-stick coverings come off in the end!
E. Bruno
E. Bruno Reply to on 1 April 2017
Not as deep as the old one we had for many years. Only used this once and you can already see the outline pattern of the heating filament on the inside of the pan.
philmitchell Reply to on 17 November 2016
used it in caravan great fryer
DAVID WALLIS Reply to on 24 October 2017
had a sona version of this years ago.very practical and so convenient. used it for years before the controller eventually burnt out.
this one seems good, very easy to clean. .the steam vent hole could do with being a little bit bigger cause the [id rises a little
whilst cooking. but tthats a minor niggle I can live with. very pleased with also has heatshields on the handles unlike some
other ones. saves getting burnt.
Vulcan903 Reply to on 9 July 2018
First use and it blew the ring main fuse. Powers up but no heat generated. Contacted the seller and told me to try it again which is very dangerous. Tried it on a different ring main with the same issue. Took a photo to prove it showing the temperature at 230deg and my hand on it. Seller now accepts the item is faulty and will only refund if returned in original packaging and I pay the postage back. Easier to drop it to my local trading standards for them to inspect.
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