Deepld NZXT Manta Mini ITX Case for PC - White/Black:Deepld
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NZXT Manta Mini ITX Case for PC - White/Black:Deepld

NZXT Published in October 16, 2018, 10:30 am
 NZXT Manta Mini ITX Case for PC - White/Black:Deepld

NZXT Manta Mini ITX Case for PC - White/Black:Deepld

Price:£122.70+ Free shipping

Aaron Harding
Aaron Harding Reply to on 28 September 2016
Beautiful Case, large for a mini-itx build on account of the curved bulbus edges but I really feel this brings something to the aesthetics of the build. Internal buld quality is as we've grown to expect from NZXT my only complaint if I had to have one would be the rear screws required to remove the side access panels, they're the same as any other NZXT tower but I've never liked them and always found myself cross-threading them in no time at all.

All-in-all a fantastic case with lots of room for the internal components.
Dr. K. Pattichis
Dr. K. Pattichis Reply to on 14 June 2018
Gorgeous. The metal can be easily dented though, so watch out if you are transporting this case without the cardboard box that it came in.
James Douglas
James Douglas Reply to on 24 December 2016
Great case. Heavy. Well made. Lots of room for cables behind panelling. Highly recommended.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 10 September 2016
Very difficult to work in drive mounts are awkwardly placed and arrived with fan hub to cpu adapter missing not impressed
Daniel H.
Daniel H. Reply to on 9 October 2016
Lovely case and not too hard to build, temp management can be a bit tricky however for a full size GPU
Antony Reply to on 25 March 2017
Far from perfect. The one I personally received has minor scratches all over the window.

General Pros and Cons that should apply to all
> Cable bar hides cables very well and looks good.
> The wide sides help with rear cable management
> Inbuilt hidden fan hub is a nice touch
> Cable holes are well thought out
> Plenty of room for any size PSU and a big bit of space left in front of the PSU for ditching cables.

> The sides are a pain to get back on despite marketing ploys saying they are super easy
> The cable bar depending on your motherboard / PSU cables can cause a bit of a nightmare. The 3.0 header especially on the Z270 Strix is a nightmare due to the side of the boot on the 3.0 cable coming from the front panel, it will not loop back behind the bar without pushing against the port
Cameron Rockliffe
Cameron Rockliffe Reply to on 24 June 2017
Lovely case, great build quality, but price is a little high for the materials used. There's an abundance of plastic in this case, and for the price, I feel there shouldn't be. I owned a H440 before this, and it was better (and cheaper!). You somehow end up paying more, for less? Not to mention the poor manual, which only had every other page printed!

But, there's excellent radiator support and room for large graphics cards. I've got a H100i GTX (I would avoid this cooler - very poor stock fans that have a horrible whining sound), GTX 1070, and an i7 and it's a very quiet case, even with all these high end components in it.
Richard J.
Richard J. Reply to on 30 July 2016
looks amazing and is very well built. Has lots of nice extras such as 3 fans, good dust filters and a pwm fan hub included. plenty of radiator and hard drive spac and still leaves lotsof room for cable management as well as being significanly quieter than my last thermaltake itx case.
jk Reply to on 15 September 2017
love/love the case itx and fits nearly anything I wanted in it includeing 280mm water cooling ..If you want a tidy but smart case please go for it
george Reply to on 21 August 2017
best water cooling ITX case out there but if you wanted and watercooling case that you can travel with get the corsair 250D
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