Deepld Mercury 6ft steel TV aerial mast- bulk:Deepld
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Mercury 6ft steel TV aerial mast- bulk:Deepld

Mercury Published in September 25, 2018, 8:54 am
 Mercury 6ft steel TV aerial mast- bulk:Deepld

Mercury 6ft steel TV aerial mast- bulk:Deepld

Price:£10.74+ Free shipping

CAS Reply to on 17 January 2017
The pole seems strong enough metal (not thin aluminium as another I got) and has no problems holding 2 aerials (TV and DAB). Make sure you get a good, strong mount for it if deployed outside.

About the only thing is that it seems thicker than the standard TV aerial mount/bracket which had to be widened to the max and even then it had to be wedged between the two screws and just about fit. So it depends on the mount, perhaps getting the pole + mount from the same seller would be a good idea.
Venusintransit Reply to on 30 December 2017
As far as a six foot pole goes then it's ok for a six foot pole, it has all it's sides with a hole up through the middle, just as you expect from a six foot TV aerial pole,. It's a pity I'm not using it for a TV aerial but a weather
Liz Reply to on 17 January 2018
Works well with the Wireless Weather Station.
annette marriott
annette marriott Reply to on 16 July 2018
Bought this for a weather station sensor, works well just what I needed
Mr. I Cul
Mr. I Cul Reply to on 8 April 2015
Came with a few small dents and a slight bend in it together with a FedEx sticky label on it that took me about 30 mins with solvent and scraping to remove. A top end cap would have been handy since often these steel tubes rust from the inside outwards. Only time will tell how it lasts!
Dolly Dimple
Dolly Dimple Reply to on 8 December 2017
Great piece of kit, sold at a good price. Fab service by the supplier/seller.
Mrs. Nicci Hoggett
Mrs. Nicci Hoggett Reply to on 15 May 2015
It wasn't a new pole! It arrived bent at both ends and looked as though it had been used.

Have now bought a new pole locally and since I have no further use for it, it lays on my shed roof.
Tony Reply to on 27 March 2015
Great pole, hung my WiFi antenna on it. Why don't more people buy these poles then we can all send WiFi signals all over the place. also good for TV aerials.
Drummer boy
Drummer boy Reply to on 7 February 2017
Good sturdy straight pole. Used for mounting a weather station array. Arrived on time and well packaged.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 November 2017
just what i needed
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