Deepld FURminator De-Shedding Tool for Large Dogs with Long Hair:Deepld
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FURminator De-Shedding Tool for Large Dogs with Long Hair:Deepld

Furminator Published in October 16, 2018, 10:55 am
 FURminator De-Shedding Tool for Large Dogs with Long Hair:Deepld

FURminator De-Shedding Tool for Large Dogs with Long Hair:Deepld

Price:£19.99+ Free shipping with Tsyasmin Prime

Liz Reply to on 23 July 2017
I have put off buying this for my double coated labrador who is now 6 years old, as I had read the negative comments about spoiling the dogs coat. I decided to try it and it really does remove alot of the thick fluffy undercoat. His top coat doesn't look worse for wear. I think you probably need to limit a bit how much you use it, as I think you could eventually cause bald patches. I don't use it more than once a week. I think it has been beneficial in the hot weather. I probably won't use it often in the winter.
Jess Reply to on 29 April 2015
If you have Labradors or similar this is the grooming tool for you. It is quick efficient and will last ages. Before I found this I used standard brushes which are just not able to cope with moulting dogs. Don't waste your money on anything cheaper you won't regret it!
Daniel Woolstencroft
Daniel Woolstencroft Reply to on 10 September 2017
Does a phenomenal job on my two BHLs (Big Hairy Labrador). We've been through quite a few different brushes over the years, and none have ever been particularly great. The FURminator gets the job done. It absolutely will not stop until all the loose hair has been removed from your animal.
Quality build too; very solid bit of kit and feels like it'll last a good long while.
My only problem is what to do with the mountain of hair this removes! Might have to start stuffing pillows or make a carpet or something!
justme Reply to on 7 November 2015
A great tool to help remove dog hair. My Jack Russell is a 3yrs old rescue dog and I have her only a few months. I couldn't believe how much she was shedding every day. Everywhere she went was covered in white hair! The furminator has been a life-saver and although it doesn't remove all dog hair it takes a lot off and I'm so pleased I don't have to get the vacuum cleaner out so often!! Recommended.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 21 February 2018
I wasn't fully convinced either by the idea of a dog brush being £20 or the hundreds of positive reviews but I must admit that this thing has taken enough old hair off to make a new dog.
I have concerns that it might be a little scratchy for him, but he doesn't seem to mind it too much (as long as he's being fed at the same time) and its seriously reduced the amount of dog I'm wearing on my clothes.

For reference the dog is a collie/shepherd cross with a very soft, rather short coat. It doesn't cut the coat.
Mr. M. T. Lane
Mr. M. T. Lane Reply to on 18 June 2018
Amazing brush. Can't understand the bad reviews for it but from reading them people brought it to use on a long haired dog i.e. a husky.

It's designed for short haired breeds like a pug cross (which I have & the reason I brought the brush).

I recommend getting the FURminator deShedding Waterless spray as well as the combination of both really removes tons of fluff from the dog & the shampoo prevents the fluff flying everywhere.

The blue button on the back of the brush pushes the fluff out of the comb for easy & quick cleaning.

A very good purchase.
Christine Reply to on 3 July 2017
I use the brush on a german shepherd which loves being groomed but hates its tail being brushed. The DeShedding Tool is perfect since it avoids pulling the hairs. The dog looks pretty good too after using it!
JenniJenre54 Reply to on 6 February 2018
Love these things and so does the dog. It’s very effective on large long haired double coated GSDs and probably ok for huskies and all of that ilk. I find that the dog isn’t very happy with the rake type tools but really is ok when I use the furminator on her. The amount of hair/fur that comes out each time is astounding as it gets the undercoat and any loose fur/hair out whilst leaving the topcoat looking gorgeous.
An old bag from Kent
An old bag from Kent Reply to on 30 May 2018
I have often thought of purchasing a Furminator in the past and now that we have a nearly two year old yellow lab, shedding his golden hairs in piles onto my kitchen floor, I recently got round to purchasing one. I am really glad that I did as he actually enjoys his sessions, and brings his favourite Mr Snowman toy to me for a bit of grooming for him too! I don't do 10 minute sessions as shown in the advertising but find that short sessions during his daily routine brushing does the trick and greatly reduces the problem. I like the weight of the tool that helps it to glide gently through the coat without using any pressure and the ejector button helps to release the golden bundles of undercoat easily from the teeth. For use on a Labrador I would highly recommend this product.
J. J. Thomas
J. J. Thomas Reply to on 14 July 2018
It's so nice when you find a product that actually works! I bought one of these on the advice of the vet nurse and I've just had a lovely twenty minutes grooming my dog, with fantastic results. I have four brushes, including one of those glove things (which the dog quite enjoys but which doesn't really work on her coat), and this is the first one that does a decent job of getting out the undercoat. Really pleased. It's quite a fine toothed comb and I know my mum's Yorkie won't tolerate being brushed with one of these, so I suspect the effectiveness will depend on the individual dog, but we have two very happy customers here.
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