Deepld TV Aerial, Indoor TV Aerials for Digital Freeview, Amplified 60+ Miles Long Range Access Freeview Indoor Aerials Support 4K 1080P HD/VHF/UHF Freeview Channels & Local【Newest Version】:Deepld
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TV Aerial, Indoor TV Aerials for Digital Freeview, Amplified 60+ Miles Long Range Access Freeview Indoor Aerials Support 4K 1080P HD/VHF/UHF Freeview Channels & Local【Newest Version】:Deepld

Edaona Published in September 25, 2018, 8:54 am
 TV Aerial, Indoor TV Aerials for Digital Freeview, Amplified 60+ Miles Long Range Access Freeview Indoor Aerials Support 4K 1080P HD/VHF/UHF Freeview Channels & Local【Newest Version】:Deepld

TV Aerial, Indoor TV Aerials for Digital Freeview, Amplified 60+ Miles Long Range Access Freeview Indoor Aerials Support 4K 1080P HD/VHF/UHF Freeview Channels & Local【Newest Version】:Deepld

Price:£15.99+ £4.49 shipping

Phila Rembold
Phila Rembold Reply to on 25 July 2018
I bought this aerial for a tv above a treadmill in our garage. As there was no room for a more traditional style aerial, one that stuck to the wall sounded ideal. When I opened the box though and saw how small and flimsy this aerial looked I thought there was no way it would live up to its claims but I was literally amazed when it found 100+ freeview channels, all crystal clear and it didnt seem to matter which direction I pointed the aerial. I didnt need to bother with the included amplifier either. If you want a small, discrete, effective aerial this is great value for money.
denise webb
denise webb Reply to on 25 July 2018
"We have had signal problems ever since the switch from analogue to digital television. More channels, but every time a large vehicle went past the house our picture would disappear. At certain times it would be unwatchable as something in the neighbourhood caused interference and we would be half way through a programme and the picture and sound would break up and we had to carry on with the programme online or later on catch up. This has been the case for several years now. So far this aerial seems to have solved the problem. I simply plugged the coaxial lead into the socket that the previous aerial lead was in, re-tuned both the television AND our DVD recorder (you need to re-tune everything connected to your television) and suddenly we had high definition pictures and a lot more channels than we had before. And no interference. Occasionally a very large lorry will go past the house and the picture wobbles for a fraction of a second, but that's hardly noticeable and liveable with. We haven't needed to use the booster.
The actual aerial is much larger than I thought, but it is very thin, has a long lead and sticky pads so that it can adhere to a wall or window. I stuck the aerial high up on the side of a chimney breast and it is out of sight. It is early days yet, but so far it has worked perfectly, giving us clear, high definition vision and many more channels than we previously had. Astonishing considering the price and the fact that it is not connected to the electricity like some indoor aerials we have tried.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 July 2018
I bought this tv aerial to set up a telly in another room where there is no aerial. I took it out of box and connect it to the tv and surprisingly it worked right away! Just stick it by the window and the signal is very good. We live in the city so no need to use the amplifier at all. It is a lot cheaper than having an aerial installed on the roof, and it is particularly good for setting up a temporary telly in kid’s room for a sleep over party.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 July 2018
Recently added a second TV and had no means to get an aerial feed over so was looking at indoor options

This Xiuyi Tech one ticked boxes and due to its super thin design (its literally as thick as card, bar the part which has the wires coming out), it meant could be mounted directly behind the wall mounted TV with no issues. It comes with two little suction cup fixtures that slot into the holes on aerial (perfect for windows I guess), but as the reception was so decent, I’ve just added tape so more permanent (if you plan to do the same for yours, just ensure you don’t block and vent holes on telly)

I tried the aerial on its own and scanned for digital Freeview channels and also with it using its additional USB power lead - the USB certainly gives the signal a boost of sort as produced more channels on scan. I don’t think it is a full substitute for the roof aerial as sure I’m missing a few compared to the mail telly, but the majority of channels showed up and the mains ones I watch are there so cannot grumble about it
Hannah Flynn
Hannah Flynn Reply to on 25 July 2018
I purchased this as an experiment to evaluate the number and quality of Freeview channels that will be received. Happy to say that this device works straight out of the box - 89 standard, 16 HD channels and 33 radio stations are now available, with excellent signal quality. We are being served by the Crystal Palace transmitter. Installing the TV aerial indoors, standing vertically, was sufficient.

Simply plug in, set the TV's tuner to 'automatic tuning' and away you go. Great value product......
Charlotte Pick
Charlotte Pick Reply to on 25 July 2018
A friend told me about these easy to install and use antenna's, so I bought one for our guest bedroom, because we didn't want to pay the cable company for an extra device in that room, and getting the free channels on the guest room TV was all we needed. I was amazed at how many channels it picked up, and the quality of picture is good too. And best of all it's easily to place it in an inconspicuous and much better than the old rabbit ears antenna's.
Jo Chambers
Jo Chambers Reply to on 25 July 2018
This does exactly as it say 'on the tin'. Used for spare TV and works really well.
Did not have to use the booster as the direct cable does the job perfectly.
The aerial itself comes with a self adhesive sticker on the rear so you can stick it anywhere within reason.
The size of the aerial is surprisingly small and is 'discreet' - the only problem we have is making sure the cables are 'tucked away' so that it doesn't look untidy.
Can only say it works well in the area in which we live which is a large town.
Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris Reply to on 25 July 2018
I set this up last night at my girlfriends house. Her main aerial has been dodgy for about 2 years and we gave up on trying to fix it. The new aerial worked first time, I didn't even have to change any TV settings. We have reluctantly relied on just casting from our smartphones to watch TV, now we have our channels back!
We do have to find a suitable place to put the black aerial pad, and we can't agree yet where that will be. Its the one drawback that the aerial isn't hidden away in the roof. However, right now we are just happy to have our channels back!
Andy658271 Reply to on 25 July 2018
I live in a Philadelphia suburb and this antenna works perfectly for me. It couldn't be more simple to set up - just plug it into your TV and experiment with where you get the best signal. For me it was as simple as realizing the signal comes through perfectly if the antenna is raised up a bit rather than resting on the window sill, so I used the 3M double-sided adhesive that came with it to attach it to the wall. It's still behind the TV so you can't even see it. Highly recommend this product!
Marie Hunter
Marie Hunter Reply to on 25 July 2018
I got this for my tv that needed an antena to watch normal channels and it is what I needed!
It is easy to install, always make sure you read the instructions and you will be fine.
Very good value for the money as I am very conscious about money value but this is something that I would really recommend.
It is very light weight as well so no worries where you put it because it is going to be fine. Mine is place above my tv in the window so I received good signal.
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