Deepld 4smile 300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Composting Waste Box Recycling Eco Storage:Deepld
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4smile 300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Composting Waste Box Recycling Eco Storage:Deepld

4smile Published in October 16, 2018, 10:48 am
 4smile 300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Composting Waste Box Recycling Eco Storage:Deepld

4smile 300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Composting Waste Box Recycling Eco Storage:Deepld

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Jonesie Reply to on 20 June 2018
Used to have a cone-like composter, but had to leave it behind during one very stressful move. Based on what I didn't like about the previous one, I decided to go for one of these, which more or less resembles a traditional wooden composter, just made in plastic. I am very, very happy I left the conical one behind.

Having a hinged lid makes it very easy to manoeuvre with your hands full. That's usually my case. With the conical one, I had to leave stuff on the ground, remove lid, find somewhere to rest the jolly lid on, get stuff, tuck it in, then put lid back on again. With this, I just push it up with my elbow and wait for it to shut itself. Pleasure.
The lower lid is also a joy to operate. With no-longer-loved conical bin I had serious trouble to remove the equivalent lid, as it was flimsy and the bin's contents - a.k.a. 'rich earth called compost' in Grandpa Pig's words - pushed it hard enough to make it a nightmare to remove. This one you just lift. You don't even have to find a spot for it, as THERE IS A SOCKET for it in the upper part of the bin. There you go, a compost heap with brains.

I've put some bricks lining the inner and outer borders so rodents don't find it trivial to get in. I also discourage them by not putting any cooked food inside, just decaying brown and green stuff. There are some vents to let CO2 out/O2 in - also making it faster than no-longer-loved conical bin - but just small enough for little arthropods, not rodents or birds.

I am very happy with it and would recommend to anyone. For reference, my garden is the size of half a tennis court, and we're a family of four plus a cat.
JMP Reply to on 20 July 2016
So my main motivation for buying this was laziness! I was fed up of taking my grass cuttings and other garden waste down to the recycling centre – there was always a queue and after a busy day gardening the last thing I wanted to do was to drive across town and sit in a queue just to get rid of the rubbish.

I only have a small garden so I searched around for the smallest compost box that I could find and found this one.

It was reasonably easy to put together – it is basically the 4 sides and a lid. The sides went together easily although I suspect that it would be virtually impossible to disassemble in the future as they do form a very tight fit. The lid was a little tricky to put on but I found that starting with getting one hinge in place and a bit of brute force got the job done.

Once assembled, the box is extremely light and this is worth considering when thinking about the placement in your garden as there isnt anything to keep it anchored to the ground so it needs to be in a spot where the wind wont be an issue. Of course once you start to fill it this becomes less of an issue as the contents keep it in place. I put mine next to the shed where it will be protected from the wind and is also a little hidden from view (it is a black plastic box so not the most attractive garden accessory).

As the lid is almost the entire size of the box and is hinged it is easy to deposit the garden waste in it and it is amazing to see just how much I am putting in there even from a small garden like mine!

The slight negative for me with this product is that there were no instructions on the best placement of the box or guide of what should and shouldn’t be put in the box. That is all available with a few internet searches but it would have been a bonus to have this included.

I have been reading up on how to get the best compost and am now looking forward to next spring when hopefully I should have some lovely homemade compost!
PossiblyMaybe Reply to on 23 June 2017
Very happy with this composter. Couldn't be more easy to assemble - it all clipped together in a couple of minutes. It seems to be durable enough to last many years with reasonable treatment. It's lightweight if you need to move it, and once you have things in it, it wont get blown away. However, I have tried leaving the lid open and it keeps getting blown shut!

Several reviews complaining that it doesn't come with a base - a composter must sit on the earth to allow worms and bacteria in for composting to happen.
Ash J
Ash J Reply to on 23 June 2018
I've had one of these for a couple of years now and bought a second a year ago. They are great value for money and have a nice large capacity.

Very easy to put together and I have had no problems with the lid like others have mentioned in their reviews.

They are made from sturdy plastic and have so far withstood the elements in north west England.

I've just harvested my first lot of compost from my original bin and I'm very pleased with it. We are a family of two adults, with lots of home cooking and teabag/coffee grounds to compost. Some garden waste too but not an awful lot, and I add in paper or cardboard from time to time. 300 litres does just fine for about 12 months of waste for us, and I got the second so I could just leave the compost to mature whilst we filled the other. That's worked out really well although your mileage may vary!

Harvesting the compost was a bit tricky as I kept hitting the bin as I tried to dig it out of the bin, so be careful! Once I had dug about and loosened it up I could just lift the bin away and collect my winnings

Definitely recommend. Might even buy a third once I sort the garden out!
HT Reply to on 25 November 2017
I'm happy with this except for the fact that 2 out of the 4 lid hinges broke off when assembling the product. The product Is assembled by clip fit. It's a bit unfortunate that the design for the lid clips can't be quite right. Hopefully the middle lid hinges will suffice. Asides from that I like the design.
Booky Matelot
Booky Matelot Reply to on 25 September 2017
Arrived in good order, and the sides are easy to assemble. However I can understand previous reviewers frustration with the lid assembly! However, place it in the correct position at a slight sideways angle, bang in the first one with the flat of a hand and the rest follow easily :-) The front door is a tad flimsy, but as it will only be moved every 6 months or so, should not be a problem. Otherwise fine.
Guy Reply to on 29 June 2018
Some minor misinformation on delivery but arrived the following day.
Chosen to replace one that lasted for many years but finally gave up the ghost this seemed closest available to dimensions required. Somewhat cautious because others have reported flimsy construction and being brittle in cold weather but unable to find suitable alternative. Here a flat top is essential.
It came super protected in a large strong box and wrapped in over 14 metres of bubble wrap. The amount of protection given does rather give credence to those who reported that they have received them damaged and one can't help thinking that if the manufacturers didn't skimp on construction the amount of protection needed would be less. Another modern insanity?
Here we need to be able to remove the lid to fill so I nipped off the nodules that would hold the lid on once snapped in place. The way this fits together is neat and impressive. The concern is that it is more flimsy especially the lid which might be blown about if not weighted but you can't just put a pot on it because it's too weak. We always put one of those wood decking squares on top to weight it down and provide a solid step up/down & viewing platform for the cats. Hopefully the sides will survive winter freeze because the compost will be warm enough to offset cold effects but the lid seeming the thinest is questionable? Will report when we find out. So far it's it's great. Time will tell.
H. Wilson
H. Wilson Reply to on 1 April 2018
Looking at other reviews, I am not alone in finding this item broken. The corner was completely smashed in. Returned, so am unable to comment on functionality as a composter. Disappointed as this was a good price for a large capacity.
JK1 Reply to on 22 October 2017
My initial impressions are good. I have only just started filling it so time will tell whether it makes good compost in a reasonable time.. It is very easy to assemble. You might want to put in a couple of stakes to hold it in the event of high winds as it is quite light. The problem will disappear as you fill it. Keep a brick handy to hold the lid down as it can lift in high winds. The hinged lid means it is very easy to fill. It looks good.
The Professor
The Professor Reply to on 9 January 2016
How many years have gone by and no organic waste bin from the council?? If you want something done right...

Holding up well so far (paid ~£24 for this, so keep an eye out for a bargain)

Just a little slotting assembly to carry out (make sure you can see which end is up and which is down!). It doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the garden either - green and black looks nice.
For best results, read the measurements and plan out where you're going to set it up beforehand!
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